Let your energy flow and radiate, immerse yourself in blissful space of your heart and fully connect with your inner self.

Connect your body with your mind and your spirit. Be Mindful. Only when you are harmoniously aligned you can feel how powerful, loving, peaceful and radiant you truly are. Only in this state of harmony and balance, you can experience a sense of inner coherence and a clear sense of purpose. PeLoHa helps you to get there. To bring




to your body. Behind these three words, there is everything that a person needs for happiness and health. 

  • Peace brings relaxation, serenity, balance and a sense of security.
  • Love is the most important feeling needed to live in peace and to open your heart to what is best.
  • Harmony is the foundation of a positive and healthy mindset and overall well-being. By embracing harmony, we open ourselves up to receiving abundance and finding contentment in our journey.

When we achieve these three states, we will certainly gain what we strive for.

You deserve unconditional love, peace within your heart and harmony that comes when your mind, body and soul are connected.

That’s why PeLoHa created from these words is more than a physical massage, it is infinite love, moment of connection between your body, mind and spirit/soul. PeLoHa invites anyone and everyone who values healing their body to come and experience this magical ritual and delve into the world of tranquillity. Feel the tension and stress flow out of your shoulders while you connect with yourself when you are truly in the moment. Relieve everything that doesn’t serve you anymore…