PeLoHa massage

PeLoHa Massage

Connect with your body, with your heart to hear all the answers. All the answers within you.

PeLoHa is highly relaxing, energy healing holistic massage, thanks to which it is possible to restore lost balance and harmony. Gentle, precise movements with healing intentions free the body from stress and pain. Energy channels are unblocked, causing a sense of peace and then releasing hidden emotions and negative thoughts. It becomes a kind of ritual in which the body, spirit and soul become one again.

The name of this high-energy ritual comes from three words Peace, Love and Harmony which are the key to understanding your spiritual interior. PeLoHa massage was created over 25 years ago by Australian Alan Earle, who believed that our body is a sacred temple that we should respect and love. Alan and Mary, his wife, were called Pilgrims of the Light(more about Alan and Mary you can read here, they were traveling around the world, and learned various massage techniques, but none of them seemed comprehensive enough to them. PeLoHa combines elements of many cultures, massages and healing techniques, extracting from them what is most important. Polynesian and classical massage the Bowen’s technique, Lomi Lomi, shiatsu, chromotherapy, reflexology, visualization, colours, white healing light, working with chakras, meridian lines and acupressure points, polarity, healing crystal therapy, Reiki healing and gentle chiropractic movement. PeLoHa takes all the best of these techniques to make the massage experience fulfilling, unique and sacred and leaving your body relaxed and harmonised.

The effect of the PeLoHa massage is very deep and multi-level. It affects not only the physical body but also the energetic, mental and spiritual body. The basic assumption has always been to treat the body as a temple in which a harmonious mind is the basis for happy functioning. Thanks to PeLoHa massage, the stressed body has a chance to return to its natural functioning mode, blood circulation is improved, pain relieved. There are a variety of positive physical and mental aspects of this massage(check BENEFITS).


Peace Love & Harmony is a full body oil massage, distinguished by its gentleness. Positive affirmations, intention and hand movements let you completely relax and unblock energy channels, connect with your consciousness, expand your awareness, your intuition and higher self. You let go everything that doesn’t serve you and fill your body with infinite love, peace, health and abundance.

At the beginning, I always ask you to make an intention. I work with the physical body but also with your energy. I am attuned in order to hold the sacred space for the Peace Love and Harmony energy to interact with you. During the session you are covered with a towel, I reveal only specific parts of the body which are actually massaged. Intimate areas are not revealed. You lie down on the table, first on your stomach and then on your back. I press specific places on the body in the right way. I use open palms, pads, fingertips. With every move, I show my respect, love and acceptance. This beautiful ritual includes lots of symbolic movements and hidden meanings.

The treatment is accompanied by soft light and candles, enhancing the feeling of relaxation. The right and safe setting include especially selected music and aromatherapy oils to more profound your experience and rise your vibrations. Your senses are stimulated to help you to be relax and in the present moment.

The massage can take between 45-90 minutes. All movements are the same, the difference is with the time.  With more time, you have the opportunity to relax more deeply. It allows your body and mind to fully unwind, which can lead to a more profound sense of mental and physical relaxation.

During or after the massage for some people visions, revelations or emotional outbursts may occur.

Every person, regardless of age and health condition, can use it without any contraindications.

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